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poniedziałek, 17 lipca 2017

Everybody wants to have a beautiful smile but is it safe to try to get it? In the end, it is a chemical process and lack of knowledge can be quite destructive.  

 „Can be” and sometimes was indeed, for our ancestors especially. Did you know that teeth whitening isn't twentieth century's idea? People have tried to bleach teeth since ancient times! Sometimes it haven't been healthy at all. They've used toxic substances like cyanid or sulphuric acid. Luckily, today we know many safe solutions to have white teeth! All of  them are available in Dublin.
According to teeth whitening Dublin, the most effective and the safiest method is in-office whitening. ‘In-office whitening’ means ‘laser whitening’. How does it works? To start with, you mustn't bleach teeth if you have some dental problems. Dens have to be cured first. That's why some dentists offer free consultation before whitening. When your teeth are cured, a dentist puts on gums special protecting gel and then puts on teeth bleaching substance. The rest is about laser. Laser lamps transfer light and heat - hanks to it degradation of active ingredient (carbamide peroxide) become faster. Laser whitening sholud last about 30-60 minutes but you can also buy 15 minutes lasting whitening.

The method's assets? The greater asset is long lasting effect: even for 6 months (some dentsis say that even for two years). It's good to know that laser whitening is safer than home whitening so laser whitening Dublin is the best solution for people with sensitive teeth. But there are different opinons abour maintenance. According to some opinions, no special maintenance is need. Other opinins say that without suitable diet the effect can be annihalte in short time.

At conclusion, if you decide to have a white teeth, it is not a problem at all. There are many cabinets offering laser teeth whitening. For example 30 mintues lasting laser whitening Dublin may cost about 180€ . Remember – a beauticion will not help with bleaching teeth. It is worth to go to the specialist. 3 Of course, we can also try home or combined methods of whitening teeth. Maybe next time I will say something more about them.

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